Monday, March 14, 2011

...addictions suppress our passion...

I was watching an old episode of "Cold Case" online and one of the characters helped me realize something. It's crazy how things in your life can affect your job performance and life.

In the episode, the older detective was a drunk and he let that addition rule his entire life, including his job. He ended up not giving his full focus to a case. He let the appearance of the scene speak volumes. Because he was letting alcohol mess with his life, he missed an opportunity to help a family who really needed it.

How many times do we let our addictions suppress our passion? How often do we let our addictions rule our life? People say they cannot stop doing this or doing that, but can they really not stop? Or do they just not have the desire and the follow through to stop?

How much of this life will we miss out on because we are so self-focused? Who do we miss out on becoming because we don't grow or challenge ourselves? Are you really happy with who you have become?