Monday, April 12, 2010

This lonely place

One of my really close friends just asked me to come in and talk to her and it seems the scales have just been removed from her eyes.

She's at the point where God has stripped her of all the important things in her life. Many of her friends have left or have seemed to abandoned her. She's been gifted with the ability to act and sing, but she hasn't had any luck getting into showcase or other activities/plays. She told me awhile ago that her friends were pretty much her family. She invests so much into her family and her talents.

With all of these stripped away, she realizes that she has a lot of time alone and she doesn't like it. She decided to look up lonely in the Bible and this verse caught her eye, "Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed" (Luke 5:16). She realized what God has been trying to show her for the last couple years. Her communication with God was dwindled.

I know her story is relevant to all of us. Sometimes we get so caught up in this world and our present troubles that we forget about the One who made the world and us. He just wants us. He needs us.

Jesus went to a quiet place often to talk with God. Sometimes the best thing to do in this world is just to go to our Father and talk to Him. So many of our troubles can be easily taken care of by just going to the Father and letting Him take care of our worrying so that we can think clear. Go to the Father. Use those lonely times for good.


  1. I think we all get to the place when things are going our way that we forget why things are going so well. That's when God usually, in my personal experience, wakes me up and says I'm waiting, let's talk.