Monday, February 15, 2010

This sweet surprise

I'm an RA at ORU. It's been a great experience...definitely! :)

But, honestly, there are times where I wish I hadn't signed up. There are numerous things people would be surprised we have to do. The one I've come to not enjoy is confrontation.

You ORU we have a dresscode and it's the RA's job to address any girl who isn't in dresscode. I've had my fair share of mind blogging experiences, but I've never had a girl come up to me and apologize for the way she acted.

I'm sitting desk (another job of RAs :) and this girl who I had tried to confront about dresscode a week or so ago come up and apologized. She just said she was happy I was sitting desk here tonight because she's been feeling terrible for lying to me.

It's these times that I enjoying being an RA. Sure, it can be challenging, mind blogging, and completely sweet at the same time. Tonight's the reason I do what I do, because God worked on her heart. It was a gentle surprise that I enjoyed. I hope you see God smiling on you today. How horrible to go through a day and not see it as a matter how bad...or good. :)


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