Saturday, March 6, 2010

This love

Thursday at Devos, my chaplain, Katie, said something that has stuck with me. She was talking about God's love. She turned the cross into something that we could better understand. She made it personal. She said, "What if Eden had died on the cross for you?" She went on to say, you know Eden, you've lived with her for a year or more. You've seen her character. And she's seen yours. She knows all the bad, good, and great things about you. By making it personal to us, we better understood what Jesus did because she turned the cross to a relationship.

After she explained it fully, I realized no wonder the apostles in Acts were so bold. They knew Jesus, they saw his character, knew everything about him and he knew everything about them - the stuff they hid, the tear they'd cried, the things they wished never happened - and he still died for them. He still died for us. He thought of you when he took every strike. He thought of you when the crown of thrones were shoved into his forehead.

Peter and the apostles were bold in Acts because they knew what had happened, and most importantly, they knew Jesus. Jesus wasn't a religion to them. He was their friend; they had a relationship with him. They were bold because everything they lived for was no longer in this place. They knew this wasn't home and they finally realized how important everything Jesus had said and did.

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