Friday, September 17, 2010

This limiting fear...

How limiting is your fear?

Fear can be defined in two ways by The first way is to be afraid or frightened of something which is usually danger. The second way is to be uneasy or apprehensive about something causing fear to rise up in your mind, body or spirit.

When I usually think of fear, I think of physically being shaken by a people, an event, etc. But fear is more complex than how I look at it. But there is a different type of fear than what I immediately think of.

It's the fear that keeps you locked where you. It could be the fear of rejection which leads to no close relationships. It could be the fear of being abandoned so you cling to anyone who gives you the time of day. Fear can do so much to us, but the biggest thing it does is stop us. It removes our dreams and aspirations. We no longer dream. We no longer try in life. We just exist.

What are your fears? How are they stopping you? How can you deal with them?

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