Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Without a shepherd...

...After I read Hosea, I realized the master storyteller is the Almighty. Who can craft words better than He? He just gives us the ability to do what He has always been able to do. In that I find peace because I've realized I can't write without him and writing has become more than something I do, it's a piece of me...

...This came after I read Hosea 4 and 5...

Open your eyes all you people
Open them wide
see what you do to me
see the ruin that has become of you.
No longer are you thick and sweet.
No longer do your words sound clear.

Open your eyes all you people
open them wide.
Look upon yourself
for this is what I see.

Your garments fall from your bones,
stench as thick as garbage rolls from your skin.
Where have you been my child?
What have you done?
Look o'child
this is what I see.

All skin, all bone
Where has your meat gone?
Where is your bread?

Israel had gotten to a place in their sin where everyone was doing it and no one cared. Even the priests did the things. Instead of leading the people, they became followers themselves.

If leaders let the flock move them, they become the sheep too.
But the shepherd steps out and weighs the land and the danger to determine how to protect his sheep.
Because without the shepherd, the sheep walk into the wolves' mouths.

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